Naughty James has come

The 1095 Project was started at 18:59pm on the 15th of december 2003 by the young and up & coming british fashion photographer Craig Cowling. It is a project that will run for a mammoth 1095 days. During this time i will submit a new image to the web site every day and record my personal life and otherwise in images over three years, using digital & traditional photography.

Il y a un peu moins de deux ans, Craig a lancé un site déjanté ... il y met des photos quasi quotidiennement... en toute liberté mais souvent de toute beauté ...

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Ici, le pied de sa girlfriend, Sarah ;-)

A visiter, sans hésiter : Naughty James - The 1095 Project

Evidemment, je dois la découverte de ce blog à Enjoyyyy.